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Tips On How To Remember EverythingYou Read In The Exam Hall –

By | On January 21, 2017 (9 months ago)

It is one thing to read for an exam and it is

another thing to remember what you have read

few days later. Many students on campuses do

face these challenges at school. In this article i

will be sharing with you seven (7) ways to

remember everything you read in the examination


Read enough – The first step to remember is to

read. The fact is if you do not read there is

nothing to remember. Read through all required

materials and study them carefully before you go

to the exam hall.

Understand what you read – Read thoroughly,

and after reading ask yourself this simple

questions Do i understand this stuff . Understand

each line, each paragraph, each passages and

each chapter before moving to the next one.

Every lines has hidden details you should take

note of.

Write it down – Put in writing what you have

read. By so doing you will be less likely to forget

what you have written many times.

Revise it again- Constant practice makes perfect.

It is not enough to read a note once. Finish it

ones or two time before the exam day.

Involve yourself in group discussion – Discuss

with your friends of like minds. Organize a group

chats where you discuss the knowledge you have

got. This will help you remember all what you

have read.

Argue with friends – This is what i did during

my undergraduate study in Ahmadu bello

university. I argue with friends on difficult topics.

That way we agree and disagree , then arrive at a


Use Adrenaline – Now this is my main secret.

Have always noticed that you tend to read and

remember things more during exam period. This

is the power of Adrenaline. Make sure you read

the note over and over and answer all related

questions before you enter the exam hall. There

is no way you should forget it since it is still hot

and fresh.

Good Luck !!!

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