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9 Campus Experiences You CanRelate To As A Fresh Student

By | On January 23, 2017 (9 months ago)

Now you have finally arrived school as a fresh

student and ready to begin the journey to getting

your certificate. Whether you like it or not there

are unforgettable experiences both good and bad

that you are about to face. thus, 9 Campus

experiences freshers can relate to

While this may sound scary, this experiences are

actually inevitable and are just part of the rites of

passage as a fresher.

Here are experiences freshers can

relate to.

Different swing in emotion.

Now that you have gotten admission, especially if

you were given admission in your preferred

course of study, there is that unending wave of

different emotions from joy, happiness and a bit

of anxiety and even fear that consumes you as

you wait for resumption.

You feel you didnt do enough shopping.

Even after all the stuffs you bought in preparation

for resumption you get to school and find out that

it was not just enough, there were so many things

you missed out, now you have to manage them

or do some more shopping, thats if you can

afford it.

Find everything stressful

Youll find out that its not easy to complete all

registrations from department to halls of

residence everything will be stressful, but soon

the fun part will begin.

Hiding indoors

After registration and before the beginning of

lectures it is not unusual to stay indoors, after

been overwhelm by your new environment. You

will soon get over this feeling once you begin to

socialize with other new students.

Attending every freshers party you can.

A lot of us can relate to this one, especially the

social type. Once on campus, in the bid to start

socializing and start meeting the girls or guysas

quickly as possible, you attend all the freshers

party to have a glimpse of the other sex and


You suddenly feel in charge of your life.

Been far away from your parents and the

environment you are used to. You feel in charge

of your life, try not to be carried away because

its at this point you should decide to lay a solid

foundation for excelling in your chosen course of


Difficulty adjusting to school terms.

You get to school and find out that there are so

many things you need to keep up with, lectures

and meetings, you try to adjust to the lifestyle,

so many slangs and words to memorize in order

to seem cool or up to date. In a bid to blend in,

you rush into trying to learn all about campus life

as quickly as possible.

The first relationship we made on campus didnt


A lot of us can relate to this, the first people we

were friends with on campus didnt end up to be

our best friends. After few weeks you begin to

meet more people and before you know you

begin to get a new best friend.

We all felt home sick at one point in time.

After spending few days or weeks on campus,

you begin to miss the comfort of your bed or

your mums awesome meals, too bad youll have

to get use to your new lifestyle and only pray that

the days quickly roll by.

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