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Exam Questions from Last Days at Forcados High School

By | On March 21, 2017 (7 months ago)


The Last Days at Forcados High School Questions and

These questions and answers from The Last Days at Forcados
High School will surely help candidates sitting for this year’s
Jamb Utme to answer the English exam questions faster.  before diving into the questions below.
1. Kola was ____ (A) Ansa’s father (B) Jimi’s brother (C)
Femi’s father (D) Wole’s uncle.
2. “Sorry, does anyone know you’re here?” Who made the
statement (A) Efua (B) Jimi (C) Caro (D) Ansa.
3. On his return, Wole first met (A) Jimi (B) Kemi (C) Kola (D)
4. Mrs. Kemi Solade died of ___ on ___ (A) Hypertension, a
Sunday morning (B) Ovarian cancer, a Saturday morning (C)
Hypertension, a Saturday morning (D) Ovarian cancer, a Sunday
5. What was Jimi’s age during his final year at Forcados High
school (A) 16 (B) 17 (C) 18 (D)19.
6. Risikat was ____ (A) Jimi’s house mate (B) Ansa’s girlfriend
(C)Kemi’s house help (D) Nene’s younger brother.
7. The head boy at Forcados High School was ___ (A) Jolly
Stephens (B) Jimi Solade (C) AnsaIzaegbegbe (D) Seyi Lawal.
8. The principal of St. Catherine’s school was ____ (A) Mr
Mallum (B) Mr Kola (C) Mrs Obange (D) Mr Bade.
9. Which of these characters is fond of Jimi and called him by
his full name, Akinjimi? (A) Mr mallum (B) Nene (C) Mama
Silifat (D) Ansa.
10. Moni Alli is ____(A) Funmi’s cousin (B) Nene’s Aunt (C)
Efua’s step mother (D) Guidance councillor.
11. The Teachers at Forcados High did not like Efua when she
arrived the school because__ (A) They felt she was too proud
(B) They thought she was expelled from her former school (C)
They felt she might lower the school’s result (D) She looked
12. Efua’s former school, St Catherine’s was an ____ (A) All
girls’ boarding school (B) All boys school (C) Mixed School (D)
All boys’ boarding school.
13. Which of these schools did Nene’s younger brother attend?
(A) Forcados High school (B) Mother’s Joy Nursery school (C)
St Catherine’s school (D) St Anthony’s college.
14. Which of these best describes Ansa? (A) A nerdy science
genius (B) A nervous tall boy (C) A great painter (D) A small
thin notorious student.
15. Wole woke up to an early morning surprise. What was the
surprise? (A) Mrs Solade’s return (B) Mr. Solade’s return (C)
Femi Solade’s return (D) Wole Solade’s return.
16. Wole was kicked out of University for (A) Robbery (B) Rape
(C) Unclear reasons (D) All of the above.
17. Where was St Catherine’s school located? (A) Lagos (B)
Abuja (C) Ibadan (D) None of the above.
18. Who was referred to as good-for-nothing in the novel? (A)
Mr Solade (B) Jolly (C) Wole (D) Caro.
19. Who was nicknamed The Witch? (A) Caro (B) Nene (C)
Efua (D) The mad woman.
20. The new youth corper,____, at Forcados High teaches____
(A)Miss Novi, Mathematics (B) Salami, English (C) Edet,
Chemistry (D) Agbenenovi, English.
21. Which post did Efua hold at Forcados High school? (A)
Health prefect (B) Sanitary prefect (C) Head girl (D) None of
the Above.
22. Efua danced with ____, the ____ boy in class during the
Mid-Term Dinner (A) Jolly, biggest (B) Jimi, smartest (C) Jide,
smallest (D) Ansa, most talented.
23. Who photocopied and circulated Efua’s private letter in the
school (A) Nene (B) Jimi (C) Jolly (D) Ada.
24. “I want to tell you that what you did with the boy who
fainted was absolutely brilliant” Who made this statement and
to whom? (A) Efua to Miss Novi (B) Nene to Efua (C) Ansa to
Jimi (D) Mr Mallum to Miss Novi.
25. Who bumped into Efua making her drop her books when
they were gathering for impromptu talk about Mid-Term Dinner?
(A) Nene (B) Caro (C) Jolly (D) Joke.
26. Who was referred to as Erdoo in the novel? (A) Efua (B)
Nene (C) Miss Novi (D) Caro.
27. Which of these is a house at Forcados High school which
Jimi belonged to? (A) Gorilla (B) Cheetah (C) Elephant (D)
28. “Nice painting” This commendation was made by? (A)
Ansa (B) Jimi (C) Efua (D) Nene.
29. During the inter-house sports tournament, ____ came 2nd in
the 100 meteres race. (A) Ikeen (B) Jimi (C) Jolly (D) Igbo.
30. At the end of the First Term, Ansa was sad because____
(A) He received no award (B) He was barred from social
activities (C) He failed his exam (D) He was not appreciated
for designing the concert hall
31. Femi Solade lived in (A) United Kingdom (B) United States
(C) United Arab Emirates (D) Texas.
32. Femi Solade was said to be just like his father
because____ (A) He bullies Jimi (B) He is hot tempered (C) He
speaks like him (D) he wanted nothing to do with Wole.
33. “Yes. He can’t help the way he gets angry sometimes. He
almost went bankrupt after what your brother did” Who is the
“He” in the statement? (A) Kola (B) Wole (C) Jimi (D) Femi.
34. Mr Vann is the _____ teacher at Forcados High School (A)
Chemistry (B) English (C) Physics (D) Mathematics.
35. Where did Jimi and Efua first take refuge during the
Police/Area Boys clash? (A) Samu’s Ice cream bar (B)
uncompleted building (C) bookshop (D) Hotel.
36. How long did Mr Solade say he would be outside the
country? (A) 3 months (B) 4 months (C) 5 months (D) 6
37. _____ played a friendly match against Forcados High
School. (A) St Edmund’s Comprehensive (B) Forcados Boys
School (C) Kings College (D) St Catherine’s School.
38. “Well, I think Efua needs us now and I am going to show
you something. You are not to tell anybody. Please promise”
Who made this statement and what did the speaker show to
the listener after the statement? (A) Nene, picture (B) Caro,
letter (C) Jolly, Cell Phone (D) Nene, letter.
39. “Mickey and Minnie Mouse!” Who made this statement?
(A) Efua (B) Caro (C) Nene (D) Ansa.
40 Who was the first to inform Efua about the allegation made
against her and Miss Novi? (A) Joke (B) Nene (C) Jimi (D)
41. Who was the first person to read Efua’s letter to Miss
Novi? (A) Miss Novi (B) Jolly (C) Jimmy (D) Nene.
42. Jolly came across Efua’s letter while _____ (A) Ransacking
Efua’s locker (B) Searching for Jimi’s assignment (C) Going
through Nene’s biology textbook (D) Chatting with jimi.
43. How old was Efua when her stepfather married her mother?
(A) 8 (B) 10 (C) 12 (D) 14.
44. Which of these was stolen from the laboratory following
the burglary? (A) Money (B) generator (C) microscope (D)
45. What was the punishment given to Jimi Solade after he
admitted to aided the Lab burglary crime? (A) Expulsion (B)
Suspension (C) Ten strokes of the cane (D) Cutting of grass.
46. “It can’t be Jimi. It was his brother; he is only taking the
blame for him!” Who made the statement? (A) Efua (B) Ansa
(C) Nene (D) None of the above.
47. Who among the friends won a scholarship to study in the
university? (A) Ansa (B) Jimi (C) Nene (D) Efua.
48. When did the results of the final year students of Forcados
High School come out? (A) September (B) October (C)
November (D) December.
49. Ansa wants to study _____ (A) Electrical Engineering (B)
Architecture (C) Medicine (D) Fine art.
50. Who among the friends did not make his/her papers at the
end of the school year? (A) Ansa (B) Jolly (C) Jimi (D) None
of the above.
1) C. (2) B. (3) B. (4) B. (5) A. (6) C. (7) D. (8) C. (9) C. (10)
(11) C. (12) A. (13) B. (14) C. (15) D. (16) C. (17) B. (18) C.
(19) C. (20) D.
(21) D. (22) C. (23) C. (24) A. (25) B. (26) C. (27) D. (28) C.
(29) D. (30) C.
(31) A. (32) D. (33) A. (34) C. (35) B. (36) C. (37) A. (38) D.
(39) B. (40) A.
(41) D. (42) B. (43) C. (44) C. (45) D. (46) A. (47) B. (48) B.
(49) B. (50) D.
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