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An interpersonal relationship is a strong, deep, or close association or acquaintance between two or more people that may range in duration from brief to enduring. This association may be based on inference, love, solidarity, regular business interactions, or some other type of social commitment.

(i) Patience: This is the ability to be calm and not be quick to provocation.
(ii) Honesty: This is the quality of being truthful and upright in your dealing with others.
(iii) Tolerance: It is the ability to accept others the way they are. Always remember that no two people can be exactly the same.

(V) Make others feel important. Show to them how you care.

Traffic regulation, control of the movement of vehicles and pedestrians, chiefly on city streets. Formal regulation of motor vehicle traffic was instituted in New York City in 1903; a set of Rules for Driving was issued by the police commissioner, and a trafficsquad was formed.

(3) A responsible parenthood is simply defined as the “will” and ability of parents to respect and do the needs and aspirations of the family and children. It is the ability of a parent to detect the need, happiness and desire of the children and helping them to become responsible and reasonable children.

1. Teaching morality.

Good citizens need to be people who act according to moral principles. Rather than being selfish or trying to deceive each other, they ought to deal in a kind and upright way with each other. Part of a parent’s responsibility is ensuring that they bring up the next generation of citizens properly.

2. Teaching social interactions.

Being polite, making friends, and reaching out to others are all important things in society. Parents can teach children to be comfortable when socializing from an early age.

3. Budgeting and finances.

In order to keep the economy of a given society going, the citizens need to have good control of their finances. Parents can help to get their children into good financial habits early on.

4. Showing children the ropes.

A responsible parent will teach their child how to move in society: how to pay for things in shops and get the correct change, for example, or how to take public transport.



Functions of NAPTIP

The functions of the Agency are to –

(a) Enforce and administer the provisions of  

this Act;

(b) Co-ordinate and enforce all other laws on

Trafficking in persons and related offences;

(c) Adopt effective measures for the

prevention and eradication of trafficking in

persons and related offences;

(d) Establish co-ordinated preventive,

regulatory and investigatory machinery

geared towards the eradication of trafficking

in persons;

(e) Investigate all cases of trafficking in

persons including forced labour, child labour,

forced prostitution, exploitative labour and

other forms of exploitation, slavery and

slavery-like activities, bonded labour, removal

of organs, illegal smuggling of migrants, sale

and purchase of persons;

(f) Encourage and facilitate the availability

and participation of persons who voluntarily,

consent to assist in investigations or

proceedings relating to trafficking in persons

and related offences;

(g) Enhance the effectiveness of law

enforcement agents and other partners in the

suppression of trafficking in persons;

(h) Create public enlightenment and

awareness through seminars, workshops,

publications, radio and television programmes

and other means aimed at educating the

public on the dangers of trafficking in


(i) Establish and maintain communications to

facilitate rapid exchange of information

concerning offences under this Act;

(j) Conduct research and strengthen effective

legal means of international co-operation in

suppressing trafficking in persons;

(k) Implement all bilateral and multilateral

treaties and conventions on trafficking in

persons adopted by Nigeria;

(l) Strengthen co-operation and conduct joint

operations with relevant law enforcement and

security agencies, international authorities

and other relevant partners in the eradication

of trafficking in persons;

(m) Co-ordinate, supervise and control –

(5a) Drug trafficking is the term used to describe the production, distribution and sale of illegal drugs.

-It leads to untimely death

of many nigerians especially the youths. 

-It has led to increase in crime wave in the country. 

-It has dented the image of the country outside because it is generally believed that everynigerian is a drug pusher. 

-It enhance suicidal tendency and social nuisance. 

-It leads tounkempt appearances and mentalinstability.



-constitution: is a set of fundamental principles or

established precedents according to which a

state or other organization is governed.


-ARMS OF GOVERNMENT: The three arms of government is divided into three The legislative, The judiciary and the executive 


-A political party is a group of

people who come together to

contest elections and hold

power in the government


-Free press refer to: Freedom of the press, legal

protections for public communications media.


-The armed forces of a country are its government-

sponsored defense, fighting

forces, and organizations


-Civil society is the “aggregate of non-

governmental organizations and institutions that

manifest interests and will of citizens”.



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