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waec 2017/18 Animal Husbandry(Alternative B) 3 (Practical) Now Available Here

By | On May 2, 2017 (5 months ago)



C-Pueraria phaseoloides
D-Pennisetum purpureum
E-Leucaena leucocephala

C- Leguminious forage
D- Grass forage
E- Forage tree

i)It enriches the soil with nutrients
ii)It serves as a source of Vitamin
iii)It improves soil fertility
iv)It helps in supplying protein to live stock

1d)Ruminant Animals e.g.Goat

i)Mowing- The first stage is to cut the grass. This must be done when the grass is fullygrown, but is not over-mature, so that it produces tough, stocky hay.

ii)Macerating- This is a“super conditioner”. Whereas a mower conditioner crimps the grass every 4 inches, the Macerator crimps the grass every 1/8 of an inch.

iii)Tedding- The tedder takes the hay out of
windrows, and spreads it flat across the

iv)Raking It usually takes 3 to 4 days for the hay to dry properly.

v)Baling When the hay is completely dry and in windrows, it is ready to be baled.

After bone processing by bone process equipment , such as bone crushing machine and bone paste grinding machine, animal bones can become valuable materials for feeding livestock.


sp W
ii)Duck fowl
sp X
sp W
i)it is used for sucking and swallowing of food.
ii)it is used for storage of feed prior to digestion.

Sp X
i)it is used for lifting milk production,
ii)it is used for breaking down food digestion

sp P
(i)it is use in Mushroom Production
(ii)it is use in Food Processing

sp R
(i)it use to dig or loosen ground
(ii)it is use to break up lumps in the soil.

Specimen Q
-It is used for packaging eggs
-It is used for marketing eggs
-It prevents the eggs from breakage and cracking

-Wood shaving

-It should be spread evenly or uniformly on the floor
-Water should be prevented from pouring on it

(i) Clean after use
(ii) Keep out of rain and store in a dry place
(iii) Oiling wood handles at the start and finish of each summer
Specimen J
(i)Soldier ants destroys animal feeds
(ii)They increase cost of production on the course of control

Specimen K
(i)Weaver birds destroy animal feeds
(ii) It reduces market value of farm produce

Specimen L
(i)Weevil destroy stored farm produce
(ii) it reduces the market value of farm produce

Specimen J
(i) By using insecticides
(ii)By keeping the environment clean

Specimen K
(i) By using scare crows
(ii) By killing them using guns

Specimen L
(i) By using insecticides
(ii) By ensuring effective environmental sanitation

-Grain borer
-Grain moth
-Grain beetles


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