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By | On June 16, 2017 (5 months ago)

NECO FISHERIES =========================


– Environmental Factors:

Environmental factors are mainly physical forces of nature that arises due to extreme climatic and meteorological conditions .These factors include excessive rainfall and flooding, water pollution, oil spillage, excessive heat and drought.
– Financial Factors:

These are due to unstable government

financial policies. Fish farmers require

repeated loans, in addition to loans for capital investment and start-up operational cost. Short term loans are meant for annual supplies of seed, feed, new equipment and expansion

– Disease Factors:

Fish being a poikilothermic animal tend to react quickly to environmental changes and this increases susceptibility of fish to infectious agent due to compromised immune

– Physical Factors:

Lack of adequate technology or technical information and expertise as regards hatchery, propagation and husbandry management affect fish production.
– Business Factors÷ lack of market

information, and health


Conditions Necessary for Siting a Fish Pond
THE LAND: The first factor to put into

consideration while sitting a fish farm is land. The best land for fish farming must be the land that comprises of both sandy and loamy soil. It must not only be sandy or clay soil. The land used for fish pond must be able to retain water for a long period of time , it must not be the land that is liable to erosion, the land for fish pond can either be purchased or inherited.

THE SOURCE OF WATER: water is not always available throughout the year, therefore fish pond must be sited where it is accessible to water.The sources of water may be from different source e.g drill well, dug hole, bore hole or from the stream or supplied by water cooperation. This is also one of the important factors to consider when designing a fish pond.

ACCESSIBILITY: The fish farm (pond) must be accessible to customers and any other pond users. The way to the pond must be motorable and the free from hurdles. transportation of fish to the markets must be easy.

SECURITY: Adequate security must be

provided for the fish against predators such as snakes, bird and even man. Im other to ensure maximum security the farm area must be well fenced and security personnel may also be needed to avoid loss of fish.

FAR AWAY FROM POLLUTION: The site where fish pond is sited must be far away from pollution . Examples of pollution include oil spillage chemical discharge e,t,c All these may cause mass death to the fish which leads to shortage.


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