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By | On June 19, 2017 (5 months ago)

Agriculture Science Theory and objectives
Agriculture science Answer’s 


5a )

Crop rotation is The successive planting of different crops on the same land to maintain soil fertility and help control insects and diseases .


i ) It serves as food for man

ii) Some weeds are used for medicinal purposes

iii ) Weeds Add Organic Matter and Nutrients to the Soil :

iv ) Weeds helps to control Wind , Water and Soil Erosion .

5c )

i ) Overgrazing

ii) Climatic and weather conditions

iii ) Soil texture and structure


i ) They are used for decorations

ii) Some of them serves as food for man and animals

iii ) They are used as scent plants for their fragrance

5e )

preplanting activities are farm activities carried out before rubber plantation e . g land clearing while post planting activities are activities carried out after planting e .g siping



3a )

i ) Use of organic matter

ii) Planting of cover crops

iii ) Mixed cropping

iv ) Land use planning

3bi )

Monocropping is an agricultural practice in which the same crop is planted year after year , without practicing crop rotation or resting the soil while monoculture is the agricultural practice of producing or growing a single crop , plant , or livestock species, variety , or breed in a field or farming system at a time .


mixed farming is the process of growing cops and feeding livestock while Mixed cropping is growing of two or more crops simultaneously on the same piece of land .

3c )

i ) Expansive land leveling is not required .

ii) Water saving irrigation intensity can be changed in accordance with the infiltration capacity of soil .

iii ) High efficiency due to uniform water distribution .

iv ) No special skills trained personal can operate the system reasonably well .

3di )

i ) NPK compound fertilizer

ii) NPK Mg compound fertilizer fertilizer


i ) NPK Mg compound fertilizer

ii) NPK compound fertilizer



9ai )

Supply in agricultural economics refers to the quantity of a good that the producer plans to sell in the market .

9aii )

i ) Climatic conditions .

ii) Improvements in technology .

iii ) The rate of supply of a related good

iv ) Costs of production I. e cost of rearing cow

v) The number of producer I .e cow rearers.


i ) to maintain affordability of goods

ii) To prevent inflation

iii ) To ensure a minimum income for providers of certain goods or a minimum wage .

9ci )

– Advantage –

i ) time savings compared with individual extension

ii) It is cheaper .

– Disadvantage-

i ) It is not for communicating complex subject matters

ii) It is not easy to gather the target group and requires more skills .

9cii )

i ) Extension and rural women

ii) Extension and rural youth



8a )

i ) Presence of pathogens on the farm

ii) poor management and hygiene conditions of the animals

iii ) Overstocking of animals


Diet is the sum of food consumed by an animal while ration is the daily feed portion prepared from various feeds according to various animals ’ requirements .

8c )

i ) Soil nature

ii) Accessibility

iii ) Availability of water supply

iv ) Climatic and weather conditions


i ) It causes diseases to farm animals

ii) It reduces farmers income

iii ) It reduces the quality of farm animals and eventually leads to death

8ei )


8eii )

sudden onset of fever and difficulty in breathing .

8eiii )

Feeding on contaminated feed

8eiv )

Through the identification of infested areas and use of insecticide



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