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My private tutor Episode-2

By | On July 15, 2017 (4 months ago)

My private tutor
Episode 2
Continues from the last scene
of the previous episode..
Me: am sorry,,I tried your
number but not reachable *i
lied,I guess am good at lieing*
two minutes later
Anna: I also tried your number
in the morning when that
biology teacher,,what’s her
name?..oh angela asked of
you..anyways he collected your
number from me..but what’s
between you two..
i replied immediately
Me: nothing,,what will be in-
between a student and a
Anna: and tina?
Me: tina?..she is just a friend..
Anna: what is the rumour you
two are dating that have already
circulated the whole school like
ebola..I can’t trust you again even stupid for
trusting you from the start…
goodnight offline
What’s wrong with
her? she sabi
jhoor..I jumped on a canoe and
slowly rowed to wonderland..I
later drifted to a deep slumber
just beside jessy..”Praah!!”..I
used my right hand to angrily
shut the stupid alarm
off..person no go sleep?..I
forcefully opened my glued
eyes to see jessy sleeping on
my chest,,dis girl too dey
sleep-walk..I carefully and
gently placed her on the bed,,I
checked the time on my phone
to see 7:25am..what?..I quickly
ran inside the bathroom and
just bath anyhow..I stepped
inside my room to see jessy
still sleeping..I shook my head
then quickly claded in my
uniform and woke jessy up..
Me: jessica,,time for school..
She opened her eyes while I
quickly rushed her to the
bathroom,,I bath for her then
quickly wear her uniform for
her..”Jason” I heard dad
screamed from downstairs..
Me: let’s go now jessy
referring to jessy
I carried her and rushed
downstairs to see dad dressed
in his agbada and fila abeti
aja..he is really ugly in
Dad: I’ll be going now *he gave
me my feeding fee*
Me: are you not going to drop
jessica at her school?
Dad: oh,,kudirat!!..he shouted
Who is kudirat?…”Yes” I heard a
girl voice replied..I turned back
to see a very big boobs girl
walking towards us,,she is a bit
fair in complexion,,we are of
same height,,her pink lips are
well shown alongside her big
backyard,,she will be 21 I
guessed…I can’t stop staring
while my thing was already
turned rock..she finally got to
where we were all standing
staring at me somehow..
Dad: oh kudirat,,I forgot to tell
you I have a son,,he is
jason,,and jason this is kudirat
our new maid..I brought her in
last night,,you have already
slept so I chose not to bother
New maid?..woah..thank God..I
won’t be doing all those house
chores wey b lyk say person
dey carry block for block
industry..I let out some smile
though she was already
Dad: I am attending urgent
meeting right now so I won’t be
able to carry jessy along..jessy
dad is sorry okay
He knelt in front of jessy then
kissed her cheek while I caught
kudirat many times stealing
glances at me..
Dad: kudirat will take you to
school okay?..
*jessy looked at kudirat and
nodded NO holding my lap*
Oh d– already late
before,,how can I take you to laughed out loud
then went out..I checked my
time to see 7:41am..
Me: alright let’s go jessy..*she
then smiled*
Kudirat: what did you want me
to prepare for you?
Me: rice will be better..
Kudirat: alright goodbye..
I didn’t even reply as I stormed
out carrying jessy with me..I
made my way out of the duplex
house then ran with great
speed to jessy school while
she was laughing on my
hand..little thing didn’t know
how heavy she was..I finally
got to her school with king’s
kindagarteen boldly written at
the school gate..I entered the
school and quickly located her
class as I am the one that
brought her here everyday..I
greeted her so young class
teacher who was looking at the
mirror and apologize for being
I stormed out and ran to my
own school..after 10minutes of
running,,well am very fast,,I
even won two trophy for my
school in a running
competition..I finally made it to
my school sweating profusely
and so tired..are they not
taking late comers today?..I ran
inside and straight to assembly
ground..I stayed at my usual
place at the front line while val
followed me..
Val: guy why you con dey
sweat like this?,,did you f–k
before coming school? *he
whisper to my hear*
Me: fool,,I ran here i hissed
Val is a tall guy with choco
skin and a bit handsome,,he is
the master f—-r I have ever
known..he is f—-d almost
everygirl in the world..
“Jason” someone called..I
turned left to see principal
standing from a bit far..she
then motioned to me to come..I
was about leaving when my
eyes met with tina..she winked
at me while I just cursed her in
my mind..but where is anna..














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