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My private tutor Episode-1

By | On July 15, 2017 (4 months ago)

My private tutor
Episode 1
It was a very great,stunning
and beautiful
morning..everything was silent
as I knelt beside my mum and
my only 26yrs brother max
burial ground with my 3years
old junior sister jessy while dad
was standing right next to us
wearing his glasses..”Mum,I
wish you come back to me and
I really missed you max” I said
tears forming in my eyes while
I guessed dad was already
Jessy: is that where mum is?
she asked holding my arm
Me: yes,,say hi to mum
Jessy: hi mum,,why can’t we
go there? referring to me
I bursted to laughter rubbing
her hairs..
Me: we can’t go there okay?..
Jessy: I want to see
mum..about to cry
Dad: jessica *he angrily
Me: I’ll take you there next time
she nodded okay
We placed the rose flowers we
were all holding on the
burialground and we later left
the cemmetry..we made our
way into my dad’s rangerover
2016 and zoomed off with jessy
on my lap…
My name is jason,19 years of
age,am not tall and not short
with wizkhalifa body,,am
extremely fair in complexion
with a deep dimples and pink
lips…my mum is a fair woman
and a trader popularly known
allover the world,she died two
years ago along side my
26years brother max,a very tall
guy though handsome and a
tech guru in a car accident,,I
guessed I inherited that from
him cause I was also given the
nick guru)..and my
dad,,a choco skinned man with
a little big tommy though little
handsome,he is the richest in
my area..oh jessy,,jessy is our
last born which follows me..she
is very beautiful that she is
modelling for dad’s
companies..I am the only one
left to take care of her now
beside dad..
Later in the night,,,,I was in my
room playing with jessy when a
call landed on my infinix note 3
phone,,the ringtone (orobo by
olamide) loudness almost tear
the speaker..I checked the
caller to see tina..this girl
again..tina is the only daughter
of my dad best friend..she is
17,fair skinned and of average
height with big boobs and
medium round a-s..above
all,she is beautiful..
Me: hi tina
Tina: you are not in school and
didn’t call despite how long I
waited for you to call..are you
Have I ever call her?,,oh,,we
were going to same school and
in same class,,sss2..she
sometimes come my house
though tried many funny things
that God let me overcame..and
yes have been keeping how her
boobs always turn me on a
Me: am sick,,that’s why…*i
Tina: sick?,,are you now okay?
Me: am better..
Tina: I have been thinking of
you..didn’t you ever think of
me? sounding childish
What?,,what is she saying,,why
I go think of you when there is
plenty things for me to think
Me: am even thinking of you
right now..
Tina: really? she hung up
What’s happening to
wey dey lie bcs I no wan
embarrass you..stupid,,I turned
left to see jessy already slept
off..I smiled rubbing her
hair,,her long hair and her
pretty face always make me
remember mum..they really
resemble each other..I laid on
my bed beside jessy playing
pes club manager on my
phone..I later checked time to
see 10:10pm..what’s dad still
doing outside..he should be
home by now..I was still
thinking about this when my
phone beeped of incoming
message..I checked the
message to see..
“Let’s meet tomorrow at my
house after school,dad and
mum won’t be home,,I can’t
wait to feel you inside me” from
Be like say this girl craze abi..if
at all I’ll loose my virginity,not
to you..I laid on my bed
thinking about the message and
was gradually rowing to the
wonderland when my phone
began ringing again,,I quickly
picked it as to avoid jessy from
waking up,,and yes I was glad
she just changed her position
and continue her sleep..oh the
caller was tina..
Me: Hello..
Tina: I just wanted to say
Me: why don’t you just text me
Tina: I feel like hearing your
voice before going to sleep,,see
you tomorrow and don’t forget
to dream about me..
Me: alright,goodnight *i quickly
said to chase her off*
Tina: goodnight,,love you *she
hung up*
Did she just said she love?,,you
don jonz..I laid back on my bed
when anna beautiful face made
it way to my thoughts..why did
I keep thinking about this girl
called anna,,she is not even
special..anna senior me with a
year,,she is in sss3,,she is a bit
taller than me with a very white
skin and a very big backyard
and boobs..
she is the first girl to ever talk
to me and helped me with
some problems when I first
enter the school..she is the
most beautiful in the school
that all the boys in the school
are chasing after her even val
my bestfriend..I was still in the
pool of thoughts when my a
whatsapp message enter my
phone from unknown
“Why don’t you care about who
misses you?,,anyway its me
anna,,I’v got a new phone”..



@ 11am sharp

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