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My private tutor Episode-3

By | On July 15, 2017 (4 months ago)

My private tutor
Episode 3
I finally made it to principal’s
office wondering why she
called me..
Me: goodmorning ma..
Principal: how are you jason?
Me: am fine ma..
Principal: we’ve decided to let
you write this upcoming waec
and neco with the sss3
I was so happy,,at last,,I made
it..I’v been wanting to write my
exams at sss2..
Principal: no doubt you are the
best in this school but you still
have to learn more,,you can’t
be relying on what we are
teaching you have to
get a private tutor jason,,I have
already talked to your dad..
Me: thanks ma..
Principal: you are welcome
I exited her office and head to
my class so happy..I was just
about entering when miss
angela stepped out..,,miss
angela is woman of about
24yrs of age..she is extremely
brilliant with her medium boobs
but big backyard..she is choco
in complexion and sure
Miss angela: oh,,here you are..I
just went in there looking for
you..I heard principal called
you..oya sha follow me..
I just smiled and followed her
staring at her extremely big
round a-s while my thing was
gradually rising..we later
entered the lab and sat down..
Miss angela: so why are you
not in school yesterday?
Me: I was very sick i lied
Miss angela: very sick?..
She placed her hand on my
forehead detecting the
Miss angela: are you okay
Me: yes..
I later vacated the lab not after
all this “make sure you study
well” advices..later in the break
time,,I was sitting on my seat
with my eyes glued to my
novel..val my seatmate have
gone out to eat,,I pray food no
go kill am..tina later entered
the class and come straight to
me..she sat with me while
other students in the class
were stealing glances at us..
Tina: how are you now?
Me: am fine i smiled back
Tina: I really love your
smiles..she said aloud
I turned left to see val with
joyce..her girlfriend who just
entered seconds ago..dat joyce
girl no get brain atall..val told
me he has f—-d her 16times
and now she is the one forcing
val to s-x..chaii..val was
winking at me having heard
what tina said..she shifted
closer to me then I realise she
has loosed the top buttons of
her shirt and not even wearing
bra..this girl d–k
has already turned rock that I
have to stylishly covered it..I
can’t stop staring at her fresh
bigboobs..”Tina” I faced up to
see eric standing with his gang
(mike,wale and ken)..thank
Eric: can we talk outside?
Tina: can’t you see am with my
What boyfriend?,,be like say dis
girl wan kobalise (implicate)
me sha..she shifted to me
more closer and lean on me
pressing her heavenly soft
boobs on me..
Eric: your boyfriend? the
rumour is two are
really dating? he said angrily
I was about opening my mouth
to deny it when tina quickly
covered my mouth with her left
Tina: you can see..
Eric smiled devilishly and
angrily walked out with his
gang,,I knew am dead..I later
stood up to tell him he heard it
wrong but I can’t find him so I
went to lab to avoid that
witch..she is so tempting..I
continued my “once upon a
time” novel and was enjoying it
when I heard “what are you
doing here?” I looked at the
voice direction to see tina..this
girl again..she finally sat with
me and we talked about many
things before she held my hand
and placed it on her lap..
Me: whaa…(She cut in)
Tina: sshhh..*she placed her
finger on my lip*
She finally pulled my face to
her’s and before I knew it we
were kissing while she was
rubbing my d–k with her left
hand,,I was turned brain
stopped walking,,I forgot we
were in hand found it
way to her two oranges and I
was squeezing them using the
skills in the porns I’v
watched..she was unbuttoning
my shirt smiling..”What”
someone shouted..we looked at
the direction to see eric..he
rushed to me then pulled me
up..he gave a punch but I was
too fast to evade it and he
punched the wall..
Eric: I’ll kill you b—–d today
he shouted loud
He rushed to me and was
about knocking my head when
tina stopped him but he angrily
pushed her away,,she
mistakenly hit her head to the
wooden shelf in the lab and
she fell..”Tina” I shouted while
we both ran to her..but she
won’t open her eyes..d–
n!! in trouble..e no go beta
for this eric guy oo…

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