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My private tutor Episode-4

By | On July 15, 2017 (4 months ago)

My private tutor
Episode 4
In no time many students have
already surrounded us as we
were pleading to tina to wake
up..val and joyce quickly
barged in with four pure
waters..I quickly sprayed them
on her head..she suddenly
began opening her eyes..I was
so happy that I hugged
her..eric pushed me away..he
held my neck really ready to kill
me..”What are you doing”
someone shouted..I managed
to turn left to see mrs ige(the
principal) and some teachers
including miss angela..
Principal: what are you two
doing? she shouted again
That’s when eric removed his
hand from my neck,,I coughed
for fewseconds before coming
back to life..we were later
commanded to kneel outside in
the sun after we were severely
beating,,especially me..that
psycho didn’t beat eric that
much because he is the son of
the school founder..eric keep
glancing at me
murderously..we were later
released after many advices
from the principal..I was so sad
when I heard from val that tina
went home after the
least I have to see how she is
doing..after the day lesson I,val
and joyce started walking
Val: guy you sef bad oo..
Me: badt?..oloshi..
Val: I just can’t believe you
fighting because of tina..
Me: am not fighting because
her,,just that am defending
Val: what did you mean?
i explain everything
Val: so you about bleeping that
innocent girl..
Me: innocent?,,you should call
me that..
Joyce: hun,,jason,,so u for
insert that big rod of yours in
tina’s tiny k—y?..
Val: how did you know he had
a big rod? Did you two
*i and joyce bursted to
Joyce: you thought every d–k
is like yours? small…
Me: really?..
Val: its so small abi?,,then be
bleeping jason then..
Joyce: am just joking,,its not
that small,, are
more handsome than
jason..*she stylishly winked at
Chaii…we all know the truth..val
is kinda ugly,,God knows how
he do woo girls..
Val: shey me I know tell you
before say me handsome than
Me: ok o..I admit oo..
Joyce later went her way after
kissing val..aayamma..that
black/dark lips of his…we then
continue our own journey..
Val: I think say those guys go
beat the hell out of
come we didn’t meet them on
the way?..
Me: I know sabi why dem no
cross my way oo..b like say the
guy dey fear me..
Val: fear you?..
We both bursted to
laughter..we both knew am like
david in front of goliath eric
and me no b like david wey
carry small stone kill
goliath..eric will just break my
Val: you no cross go your
Me: I wan carry dat girl ni jare..
Val: shey jessy..
Me: ofcourse..
Val: you beta marry
go get yourself girlfriend o..
Me: lemme marry her..not your
We later went our ways..I
jugged to jessy’s school to see
her class teacher about closing
the gate..
Me: hi madam..
Teacher: hey mr jason..
Me: am here to pick jessy up..
Teacher: your dad stopped a
while ago and picked her..
Me: oh,,thanks..goodbye..
I started walking back home..I
finally made it home after
walking for decades..I entered
the sitting room to see kudirat
and jessy sitting on the couch
while kudirat was telling her
stories..jessy jumped down
from the couch and ran to me
immediately she saw me..I
carried her on my hand,kissed
her cheek then put her down..I
greeted kudirat then just went
upstairs so tired..I should visit
tina..I was unclading when
someone entered,,at first I
thought it was jessy,,cause she
always enter without knocking
but I was suprise to see
Kudirat: oh am sorry..
Me: its nothing..
*she entered and closed my
Kudirat: I came to tell you the
food is ready..
Me: oh really..thanks..
I was waiting for her leave but
this girl just stand dey stare at
my she feeling my six
packs or what (lol)..I stared
back full of curiousity,,that’s
when I have a clear view of her
bigboobs and her transparent
cloth that I can even see her
God gifted d–k has
already turned rock that I
quickly covered it and I can see
she knew as she smiles..chaii..
Me: are you not leaving?..
Kudirat: oh am sorry..
She turned back walking
towards the door shaking her
extremely big backyard that I
can’t stop staring at..she finally
left and I quickly catch my this the girl I will be
living with..she is extremely

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