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English language answer, theory & Obj





Oral OBJ đź’Ż


Theory Questions

(1) You are dissatisfied with some practices
in your school. Write a letter to your friend
in another school discussing at least three of
these practices and the improvement you
(2) Write an article suitable for publication
in national newspaper on the high cost of
living, suggesting at least ways in which the
government of your country can tackle the
(3) Write a letter to the chairman of the
Environmental Protection Agency on the
effects of illegal felling of trees and suggest
ways to remedy the situation.
(4) You are the main speaker in a debate on
the topic: Children of literate parents
perform better at school than those of
illiterate parents. Write your arguments for
Or against the motion.
(5) Write a story to illustrate the saying: A
bird is worth two in the bush.


Choose One (1) From This Two.
Illegal falling of trees refers to the felling of
trees on a massive scale without any
simultaneous efforts aimed at replacing them
often resulting in damage to the quality of
the land.
Environmental impacts of illegal falling of
trees include is management Loss of revenue
undermines efforts to place the forest sector
on a more sustainable footing, as lost
revenue cannot be reinvested in the sector.
Furthermore, because illegal logging is often
unsustainable, future sources of employment
and export revenues are not realised.
Illegal logging also distorts global markets
and undermines incentives for sustainable
forest management, as illegal timber is often
cheaper than legal timber.
The social impacts of illegal logging are
diverse. Illegal logging undermines the rule
of law and is often associated with
corruption It may also entail a lack of
recognition of the land and resource use
rights of forest communities, or of the rights
of other concessions holders. This can have
negative impacts on the livelihoods of local
people and result in conflict. The revenues
from illegal logging may also fund national
and regional conflicts, as has been the case
in Liberia.
Illegal falling of trees could be solved by:
1. Reforestation: This will involve an
intentional and decisive plan to plant trees
in order to replace the ones already lost.
This effort can be driven by both the
government and private individuals. In 2005,
about 1 million hectares of land had been
reforested in Nigeria. The National
Environmental Standards and Regulations
Agency (NESREA ) has been empowered by
law to tackle this project.
2. Protection of Existing Forest: The available
forests need to be protected jealously. The
Government at all levels have a huge role to
play in this. Protection of the forest will
entail enforcement of logging regulation to
restrict logging and implement a compulsory
“plant a tree program” for all loggers. The
government also needs to equip the existing
forest guards with the necessary tools and
equipment with which to do their job
effectively and efficiently.
Strict penalties should also be put in place to
act as deterrent to would be defaulters.


Meena was 25 years old and has been
blessed with fabulous good looks. As if that
is not enough, she is also well-educated and
employed in a rather prestigious firm. The
incident I am about to tell you relates to her
reckless attitude towards her personal or
rather should I say love life.
The whole thing started when Meena met
Vineet. Vineet is a colleague of her who
works in the same company, but in an
entirely different department. And as luck
would have it, Vineet is the male version of
Meena. Meaning he is also endowed with
good looks and enjoys enormous luck with
his job. The two met each other in the office
canteen and as some would say the rest was
history. The attraction was instant and both
agreed that they should start dating seriously
and exclusively. It was like watching a fairy
tale unfold in front of your eyes.
They met for coffee, the first time and the
date simply extended to dinner and ice
cream afterwards. Even both the parents
seemed to offer only token resistance to the
two of them as a couple. Soon the whole
office was abuzz with stories about the two
and their romance. Since both were in good
jobs and earning well and also happened to
have relatively little in the form of monetary
commitments, they enjoyed lavish dates and
elaborate outings.
This led to lavish compliments to both about
how lucky they were and how good they
looked together. Vineet was really happy to
have found his ideal match, however Meena
started taking the compliments seriously and
started to act a little arrogant. Her family
and friends ignored the matter thinking that
she is indeed allowed to gloat a little.
Things were moving along smoothly till the
mails started coming. Meena started getting
mails from a guy, who claimed to be madly
in love with her. He started by
complimenting her extravagantly on her
looks. He said things like watching her smile
made him think of a moonlit garden. Initially
Meena seemed to take the mails in her stride
and ignore them. But as time passed, the
frequency of the mails increased and she
started to look forward to the flattering
things the guy would write to her.
Soon she became a little curious about this
guy and started asking him to identify
himself. He started dropping tantalizing
hints about his identity to get her curiosity
up to fever pitch. In the meanwhile, Meena –
Vineet relationship was starting to get
affected by the anonymous mails. Meena
used to open the mails with Vineet in the
beginning, but soon she had started to obsess
more and more time for the anonymous guy
and stopped sharing the details with Vineet.
Things came to an impasse when she stood
Vineet up for a few dates so that she could
chat with the new guy. The new guy started
revealing a few tangible bits of information
about himself. He said his name was Sanjay
and he was 32 years old. He also revealed
that he had his own business and was quite
well off. Soon they exchanged photos. Meena
was impressed with his rugged good looks.
She started imagining her future with Sanjay.
Vineet in the meanwhile had become
disheartened with Meena’s indifference,
though he continued to love her. He decided
to invite Meena for coffee so that he can put
his feelings across to her clearly.
Meena told him she was too busy that day
and she would meet him the next day. The
fact was that she had made her first date
with Sanjay and she did not want to break it.
Sanjay and Meena met in a upscale
restaurant. Meena was stunned to see that
Sanjay looked even better in person than in
the photograph. She was impressed with his
dress sense, his style, his car and his obvious
wealth. She found herself comparing Sanjay
to Vineet on each aspect and found Vineet
Sanjay charmed her and showered her with
all his attention ensuring that Meena would
totally fall for him. Soon they started meeting
on a daily basis and Meena started dreaming
of her future with Sanjay. Her romance with
Vineet and even her job started seeming
boring and mundane to her. She decided to
come clean with Vineet and tell him it was
over. They arranged to meet for coffee and
she gently broke the news to Vineet and told
him the relationship was over. Poor Vineet,
he sat there looking totally stunned and
heartbroken. He told Meena to take care and
walked off with a heavy heart.
Meena on the other hand, though a little sad
about hurting Vineet was delighted that she
was now totally free to be with Sanjay. She
decided to surprise Sanjay with the news on
their next date. He seemed thrilled to hear
the news and even bought her a diamond
pendant to celebrate the occasion. Vineet in
the meanwhile had decided dating was no
longer an option for him and asked his
parents to look for a suitable girl. Given his
looks, education and job, finding a nice girl
was no problem. Vineet soon chose Preeti a
pretty, soft-spoken girl who worked in a
software company. Both parents were eager
to conduct the marriage at the earliest and
things really moved fast from thereon. Vineet
found himself a happily married man within
the span of two weeks of meeting Preeti.
Though he had some doubts initially, he
found that marriage to Preeti was one of the
best decisions he had taken. Preeti was not
only an intelligent girl, she also had an
amazing sense of humor. She knew about
Vineet’s past and was comfortable with the
Meena was a little taken aback with the
speed of Vineet’s marriage, but could not
grudge him the happiness. She was however
a little impatient to take her relationship
with Sanjay to the next level. She started
noticing that Sanjay was always a little
evasive about any talks about marriage. She
soon confronted him about it and gave him
an ultimatum. He broke down and confessed
that he was a married man. He had married
a rich but ugly girl six years back. He said he
had done this for money and had signed an
agreement with the girl’s father promising to
stay married till such time they had a male
child, in which case he could divorce his wife
and walk away with half the money.
Otherwise he would have to stay married to
the girl till such time that one of them died.
Meena was shocked and a little disgusted
with Sanjay. She realized that she had been
foolish and fallen for empty flattery and
good looks. She was devastated to think that
she had hurt a nice person like Vineet for a
shallow person like Sanjay, for whom the
sacred bond of marriage did not mean
anything. As she walked off from Sanjay she
realized that “A bird in hand is worth two in
the bush”. The realization was however too
little and too late.


(*Question 6)
Feats- skills
Steadied- pesitroned
Mystified- baffled
Hasty– hurrily


1. Cooking vegetables destroys important
2. Cooking vegetables kills digestive enzymes
B)1. Raw vegetables provide dietary fibre
2. They reduce the risk of getting cancer
3. They provide many antioxidants
4. They lower the risk of old age disease

*6 a )*
the massive crowd and the venue of the
show which was under an iroko tree
*6 b )*
the presence of the magician and his three
aide’ s and the drummers is an evidence that
the show was not a one man show
*6 c )*
because they were his assistant and they
planned the show together
*6 d )*
the american tourist was set out to prove if
truely the magician could receive bullets in
his chest and still remain unscathed
*6 e )*
the magician might be scathe by the tourist’ s
contemplated action
*6 f )*
he ran away of the show
*6 gi)*
it is an adjectival clause
*6 gii )*
it function to tell more about the feat
Obtained —– received
Ingenuity —-ability
Dainty. —–attractive

_*A1.* Cooking vegetation skills the enzymes
that help the body to digest food._
_*2* Cooking vegetables make less potent all
other positive aspect of the vegetation to
_*1* Row vegetation contains nutrient that
help the body to become heathy_
_*2* Row vegetables protect the body cells_
_*3* Row vegetables reduce craving_
_*4* Row vegetables boost the immature
system of the body.

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