Note that you’re not required to be a
guru in computer before you can
answer any CBT question.

The computer you will use will be ON,
so you’re not required to switch it ON
and the JAMB software will be open in
all the computer for the examination,
so you don’t need to start searching the
computer archives for the software.

Just take note that the only thing you
will type on the computer is the
Your JAMB Registration Number.
While others are more of clicking.

THE left mouse button of the mouse is
what you will use mostly for the exam,
because it’s like the MARK button.

Make sure your mouse is working
before you input your JAMB Reg no. Just
move it and know whether the
mouse pointer is moving. because if it’s
not moving, you won’t answer a single

The login page include the following:
A white and green page where you will
input your JAMB registration number
and click at submit.
ALL the computers are timed at the

TWO (2) hours as now stated by JAMB.
The first page you will see is where the
instruction is.
Just proceed and read the instructions
carefully, then click at the “Start”,
automatically, the timer will commence.
The subjects which you choose while
registering for the JAMB examination
will appear. You can click in any of the
subjects you want to start with.
Please note that there are 4 buttons
which are the following:
P for Previous,
N for Next,
S for Submit
R for Reverse

There’s also an option where you can
easily skip a question and come back to
A red indication will be blinking on the
number you have not answered, which
is a sort of notification.

The comprehension will appear fully on
each question of the comprehension, so
there is no need writing down or
cramming the comprehension.

After you must have answered all
questions, or when you see the timer at
10 secs, if you have not finish kindly
click on logout and click at SUBMIT.

This is important.
What You Must Know
There is no law that says you must
answer the number 1 question before
the Number 2 or that you must answer
Chemistry before physics, it’s your
choice on which subject you choose to
start with.